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  • Neck tie guide: The basics for wearing a tie

    The tie is a classic in the men's wardrobe. The tie can be daunting for beginners looking for their style. However with good advice and modern fabrics, you can wear the tie and update your [...]

  • Which pairs of socks with which shoes?

    With the arrival of spring, are you in the mood to wear your new moccasins or freshly bought city shoes? Before putting on your shoes, there is the problem of finding the right pair of socks for [...]

  • How to wear the bow tie in 5 tips

    You appreciate the elegance and originality of the bowtie but you do not know how to wear this accessory? You admire men who wear a bow tie but you are stuck before adopting it in your [...]

  • How to match your socks like a gentleman ?

    Socks are much more important than we think when we get dressed. Their comfort is fundamental to feel good in your shoes and to express the best of yourself throughout the day. They also have a [...]

  • How to choose your bag for men: the complete guide

    Essential in our daily lives, the bag is an accessory that must be chosen with care. Indeed, a good bag must be resistant and practical. But this first utilitarian aspect shouldn’t make us f [...]

  • 5 reasons to wear our organic cotton boxer shorts

    The novelty of the season: Billybelt releases a collection of Billybelt boxer shorts completely revisited.