BILLYBELT boxer shorts and your expectations

Published : 2020-06-03 14:09:18
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BILLYBELT boxer shorts and your expectations

Just like our belts, you like now our boxer shorts range. In 2015 we started our organic cotton boxer shorts. It was a real challenge and a long-term ambition. Quentin and Jean Baptiste wanted to offer you a simple, elegant and well-made range. Improved year after year, thanks to your opinions and feedback, our collection of boxer shorts is complete now and brings you a real promise.

Concerning your expectations, comfort is the most important for you. The boxer shorts are an intimate garment, in direct contact with your skin, designed to follow all your daily movement. To give you this feeling of comfort, we have focused on the cut and fabric of our boxer shorts.

The cut

Mid-thigh, the American cut is a little more floating than standard boxer shorts. Wearing boxer shorts makes you feel comfortable and freedom. This cut is different by a V-shaped yoke sewn at the buttocks. These two side seams replace the classic single stitching that often causes discomfort. So you can wear BILLYBELT boxer shorts and move like you want every day.



As we mentioned in our last article, cotton is essential for us. We fabric boxer shorts with cotton fibre to give you ease feel. Its soft, light, resistant, and it can regulate your temperature and your sweat. That the reason why our boxer shorts bring you immediately a feeling of well-being. 


 For BILLYBELT, comfort means taking care of your skin, of your body and your health. That the reason why we chose organic cotton. This natural and sustainable fibre assure you absence of toxic, harmful, allergic and irritating substances (GOTS certification).

You expect that your boxer short is good holding around your waist. That's why we put an elastic at the top of the boxer shorts. This elastic of 3 centimetres avoids sliding of your underwear during the day and assures you good holding. For optimal support, we integrated cotton interior jockstrap. This element lightly supports your private parts.

The boxer shorts are being renewed, and their shapes are being modernised. The parachute effect of the boxer shorts is nowadays quite off-putting because this cut lacks modernity, aesthetics and practicality. Fortunately, you won't be forced to choose boxers and give up this feeling of freedom that you cherish so much. The cut of our boxer shorts respects its original codes while highlighting its new youth. Well-tailored, more fitted, more trendy, try them on, and you'll see!

You can wear accessories and clothes that people don't see with style and elegance. Our collection of underwear must give you this satisfaction. Sober colours, summery shades, harmonious shades, minimalist and trendy patterns, you can choose more than 30 colours to feel stylish and weel-being. Here are the ones you loved:  

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