Organising and maintaining your socks: 2 easy habits to adopt

Published : 2021-02-16 11:23:47
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Organising and maintaining your socks: 2 easy habits to adopt



Topsy-turvy sock drawer, pairs that lose their sparkle or the famous orphan socks despite themselves? Find our advice to follow easy habits in everyday life. Well maintained and with proper storage, your socks will gain a few extra years.

We recommend two practical and easy techniques for organizing your socks and our tips for properly caring for them. Because yes, to keep your socks long-lasting, it's all about efficient storage and care!


We've all had the experience of a sock drawer that looks like a war zone. Overflowing drawers, socks in balls approximately bunched together, your sock storage won't long survive the morning rush and the weariness of not being able to keep your underwear neat and organized. And to avoid it becoming a real chore and even benefiting the life of your socks, your daily storage can adopt two simple and esthetic techniques that are totally approved by the team!

  • Folding flat
  • Square folding

The folding flat, fast and classic

Although it takes up more space in your wardrobe, the flat folding technique preserves the quality of your socks, especially the elastic. The classic ball fold often tends to deform and weaken it.

How to make it?

Simply overlay your socks edge to edge to align the toe, heel and top of your pair. Then run your hand over your socks to make sure there are no creases. Finally, simply bring the top of the sock back to the toe to fold your pair in half. Once mastered, this folding takes less than 3 seconds to do: a record time to be ordered!

Square folding, the technical and minimalist option

In addition to preserving the strength and shape of your socks, square folding has the advantage of saving space in your closets, drawers and other types of storage assigned to them. More technical than flat folding, square folding is very useful for strongly grouping the twin socks together (goodbye single socks) and for packing your suitcases.

How to make it?

Place one sock on top of the other so that they both form a cross with a horizontal axis (the sock is located below) and a vertical axis (the sock is located above the first one). On the horizontal axis, take the tip of the sock and fold it towards the centre of the cross. Push its end between the two socks. Still on the horizontal axis, take the other end of the sock and bring it back towards the centre of the cross. On the vertical axis, do the same thing with the tip of the sock. Still on the vertical axis, bring the last end of the sock back to the centre of the cross. Store your socks flat or vertically in a specific drawer or container.

What about low socks? To pack all your low pairs, fold them from the toe to the middle of the sock and then fold again up to the ankle and that's it!

Whatever the size, the type of sock storage and the time you want to dedicate to it, we recommend you to try these two techniques and choose the one that may become a real routine. This way you can add to it a care routine that we highly recommend to extend the life and quality of your pairs of socks.


Socks that lose their shine and become faded, pairs that fray? Socks are basic underwear that you want to keep over time without having to buy them constantly. However, having quality socks does not guarantee that they will last forever. That's why we want to help you adopt the right gestures to take care of your pairs and enjoy their native quality for as long as possible.

To achieve this, you need to focus on the washing and drying steps.

Washing and drying your socks are the crucial steps to good care. To protect the pigmentation of your socks, because you love their colours, wash them inside out. In terms of washing temperature, 30°C is a perfect and economical temperature. You may be more inclined to select a higher temperature to clean, wash and sanitize your socks. At 30°C you will get a similar result! Another piece of advice, avoid using products that are too abrasive to maintain the shine of your socks (colour enhancers, whiteners).

To better protect them from repeated movements of the washing machine, you can also put them in laundry baskets, a practical accessory that you can easily find in the shop (or on many sites) in the dedicated home sections.

And once they've been washed? We advise you not to use the tumble dryer as it is too aggressive for socks. Dry them in the open air, ideally flat so they do not warp.

Last but not least, don't hesitate to read the care instructions indicated on each product description of our sock ranges. They can be found in the scrolling section called " MAINTENANCE ADVICE ". You will see that certain care techniques are different depending on the type of socks. Just like socks with Lisle socks and socks with Merino wool, which require special care: use a softer cycle, adapt the spin-drying.... We invite you to discover our maintenance advice on our models to learn more.

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