How to match your socks like a gentleman ?

Published : 2018-11-06 16:40:54
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How to match your socks like a gentleman ?

Socks are much more important than we think when we get dressed. Their comfort is fundamental to feel good in your shoes and to express the best of yourself throughout the day. They also have a non-negligible aesthetic role. Men’socks are trendy, they accessorize the outfit and allows to introduce a touch of color, often welcome in business outfits too dark. The particularity of the sock is that it is rarely visible under the pants and reveals itself when you sit, revealing our level of good taste. Do not miss an opportunity to make a good impression and read this guide to match your socks.

When it comes to sock matching, there are few immutable rules, so you can easily create your own rules to express the best of your style.

The classic rule for elegant outfits

With a suit, it is customary to match the socks with the color of the pants. Indeed the socks merge with the color of the suit and visually extend the leg. The shoes (whose color matches that of the costume) spring nicely by contrast. If you can not find the exact shade, it's a good idea that the sock is darker than the shoes.

This association has the advantage of being easy to remember:

- gray suit: gray socks

- blue suit: blue socks

- brown suit: brown socks

This rule can also be applied to more casual outfits. Navy socks are easily worn under raw jeans and gray socks under gray jeans.

The color of the shoes nevertheless influences the choice of socks since the juxtaposition of the two must be visually pleasing.

However strictly following this rule, the outfit can quickly seem bland, with an overly expected effect. If you are in a professional context and risk taking is not recommended, it is a good combination. If, on the contrary, you want to differentiate yourself with your style, many other possibilities are available to you. The rules are made to have fun with, and accessories in particular are the ideal pieces for trying new styles.

For the bolds : dare the fancy sock

For a few years, the fancy sock has been on the catwalk, parallel to the street. It is now accepted as a stylistic asset. Purple socks and geometric patterns are no longer reserved for fashion heretics. Everyone can find his account and wear attractive colors. 

The color associations that work are the same as for clothing, we can bet on a shades of color (shades of the same color) or complementary colors. Brown works well with green, navy or red, while black comes out with burgundy or azure. With gray shoes, you can dare contrasting colors like yellow or coral. Often a color halfway between the color of the pants and the color of the sock can compose a colorful look without being clown.

The fancy colored sock can be a reminder with another element of the outfit, but be careful not to overdo it. A single color reminder is enough because we want to avoid the total look that lacks subtlety. It is necessary to avoid the strict assortment of all the accessories (laces, socks, belts, scarf exactly of the same color).

Let yourself be inspired by the seasons to choose the color of your socks, by exemple wearing burgundy, dark green, gray and brown during the winter, and fuchsia, yellow chick and coral during summer.

Initially a simple functional knitting, the socks come out of the shade and want to show themselves on the ankles. BILLYBELT offers a variety of colorful socks to brighten up your sock drawers. Whether you are more classic or fancy, you now have all the cards in hand to match your socks to your outfit. Do not be afraid to wear colored socks with a costume or fancy socks with basics, it's time to have fun with socks.

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