What is cotton? Why did BILLYBELT choose it carefully?

Published : 2020-03-20 14:49:09
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What is cotton? Why did BILLYBELT choose it carefully?

To offer you well-designed and strong men's and women's accessories, we have carefully chosen the raw materials. Today, we are talking about one of them: cotton. 

Cotton is vegetable and natural material. 

You may think that cotton always used in every textile production. That's true and false too. Cotton is very accessible, but for many textile producers, this natural raw isn't their priority. Different interests motivate this choice: financial interest, technologic interest, and innovation interest. Progressively, synthetic textile substitute the cotton textile.  To product elastic textile, surprisingly lightweight textile or thermal textile, use synthetic textile is very astute.

You will find them in the composition part of our products like the braided belt. Synthetic textile is necessary to obtain the elasticity of these accessories. We know how much you love them for this reason. 

For us, cotton is essential, and we consider it as a superior material.  We use different kinds of cotton to make our products. 

Raw cotton is a this untreated, vegetable-based material, usually used for accessories that require more water resistance and keep your things dry. Indeed, natural cotton is hydrophobic. It repels water.

Combed cotton is of better quality cotton than the classic. It's also softer to the touch, and more washing machine safe. Thanks to a specific method consisting of eliminating short cotton fibres because they are of more inferior quality. 

Waxed cotton is excellent for protecting the body from water or moisture. It also has a slightly shiny appearance. It has been soaked beforehand in wax, which gives it its aesthetic aspect.

For BILLYBELT, it was imperative to offer you quality cotton. This goal was a challenge. The brother, Quentin and Jean Baptiste GAVEAU, founders of BILLTBELT, were looking for the most high-quality cotton in the world to produce beautiful accessories. And they have been found! With a trusted partner, who carefully chosen, we can obtain a long fibre of cotton, which is very prized on the market.  This component has a direct influence on the quality, strength and purity of our products.

The arrival of French cotton 

French cotton is rare. One of the first producers is born in the south of France two years ago. Grow cotton in this country was a cray challenge because the weather conditions are unfavourable. To obtain cotton germinate, the producer needs a constant temperature of twenty or twenty-five degrees. Did you know that? Cotton doesn't resist temperatures below ten degrees. And below two degrees the roots die.  

For France, it's a great innovation, but it's not enough. That the reason why it's difficult for her to develop cotton farming. Temperatures are still too unstable to guarantee good harvests every year. This situation is the same in Europe. But, we are very attentive, and we are sure that french innovation will evolve in the coming decades. 

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