Wearing black even in summer?

Published : 2020-08-20 11:42:39
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Wearing black even in summer?

We love white or vivid colours in summer! They enhance your tan and give you a light and relaxed look. But the black colour too! So keep your black clothes in your summer dressing or luggage.

In June, July and August, you can wear black clothes. But you need to respect simple rules if you don't want to look dull or cheerful under the beautiful light of the sun. Black in summer is an art, and believe us, and everyone can do it.

58% of the European people who like sober clothes and often wear black clothes. If you are like them and usually wear black clothes too, this advice is for you. Black is one of the colours mostly worn by men, as well as women. Being a little slimmer, made your look thinner is the advantage of black clothes. To wear the best black look, you must focus on the cut of clothes. It must fit perfectly. Too tight, the slimming effect will make you sulk, as well as a too-full cut. 

Wear black in summer makes you elegant. Being well-dressed is due to the quality and the composition of your clothes. We advise you to choose natural clothes fibres rather than synthetic fibre, for two reasons: 

  • First, the fabric of natural cloths is more beautiful and more pleasant to wear. Choose them with a good density, or subtle flowing effect. 
  • Second, synthetic fabric captures too much light, and this reflection is bright, so your look is less sophisticated.  

Cotton is ideal, although linen and hemp also exist with the same properties. 

The natural black fabrics are well-matched each other. If you want a full black summer look, you can wear a black organic cotton t-shirt with linen shorts, for example. You will be perfect! 

We recommend you not to combine black with bright and colourful clothes. It is not becoming for your silhouette, and soften too much these colours. You can opt for white and khaki top or bottom pieces. Associate with black, these colours are timeless. They are perfect with seasonal accessorised too!


Have a great summer! 


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