The lisle socks: a unique fabric process and style.

Published : 2020-09-01 14:53:09
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The lisle socks: a unique fabric process and style.

The misty expanses, the hills dotted with green, the waterlogged lands by the black lakes, if we talk about socks in such a setting, this picture is likely to be misinterpreted. And you can separate the design of the product that is the subject of this article because Lisle socks don't come from these lands. 

Paysage d'Écosse

Chaussettes de ville pour homme

First of all, we need to describe how Lisle socks look like to assure us that we speak about the same thing. Because in a few minutes, we will begin the technical explains about Lisle socks fabric process. Lisle socks are thin socks for men with low opacity. They are often mid-calf height, rarely much higher, and stitched in a smooth or ribbed pattern. Their texture is silky and shiny. The Lisle socks great body covering too, with optimal support. 

A vast offer exists on the Lisle socks market. They look similar but they made from different fabrics. And it's essential because the materials which use define the quality of the socks.

For make a pair of Lisle socks, cotton must use only. As longer and stronger is the cotton fibre, as more significant the quality of socks become.  The spinning mill and us work hard to deliver it to you.

That is the most interesting part of this article. 

All selected cotton fibres follow a specific fabric process named "mercerisation ". It involves treating all cotton fibres with caustic soda. This method brings about swelling of cotton, and put its fibres in the upright position. Moreover, it breaks cotton cuticles to enhance the shinny of fabric cotton.

In addition to being more aesthetic, mercerised cotton fibres seam plumped up with botox by caustic soda. It favours the resistance and the longevity of Lisle socks. 

As you can well imagine, the production of Lisle socks is long and very meticulous (no air contact, and no temperature variation). That the reason why Lisle socks reach on the top-of-the-range socks.

We have developed our Lisle socks' collection because they deserve a place in an elegant, masculine and smart wardrobe. 

Quand porter des chaussettes fil d'Écosse ?

You can wear Lisle socks during spring and summer times because they aerate foot and. It for you a good alternative to classic socks. But they are too thin to be worn in winter. You might choose thick cotton socks or Merino wool socks for this cold period.

La collection de chaussettes fil d'Écosse

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