Black leather belt - raw effect
Black leather belt - raw effect
Black leather belt - raw effect
Black leather belt - raw effect


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Timeless and essential, the leather belt remains and will remain a great classic in your dressing room. 

We have brought to this product many details like texture, colour and shape to offer you the perfect daily leather belt. 


This belt reveals a slight veined texture which enhances colour shades. This kind of design brings authenticity to the leather and a beautiful patina effect. 


The black colour is a must-have and fits perfectly with many men's styles.

With its contrasted brushed metal buck, this tone becomes more intense as sophisticated. 


Both contemporary and traditional, you'll find the essential details of a well-made and sturdy belt. Its wide is almost four centimetres which maintained the buckle by refined and robust stitching.  This leather belt model is a long-lasting accessory that you will wear every time.



Main material – 100% Crust leather belt 

Buckle - aluminium and zinc


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To preserve your belt, we advise you to use cotton or soft fabric to apply make-up remover milk, glycerin or beeswax. Then, your belt will remain quite supple and quality despite the time. 

  • Avoid applying chemical products such as nail polish remover. 
  • Avoid exposing your belt face to intense heat or sunlight.
  • Avoid plunging it into soapy water.
  • Avoid rubbing it with a sponge or abrasive fabrics.

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These leather belts are more contemporary than the standard leather belts. Therefore, we have worked on specific details such as texture, shape, and buckle conception to obtain that. However, we have kept the traditional colours of the leather belt range: black and shade brown.

The texture: BILLYBELT leather belts are soft, thin and have beautiful smooth or fibrous surfaces.

The shape: the wide is between 3.4cm and 3.8 cm (1.33 in and 1.49 in). It's the perfect one for all men's trousers. The extremity of these leather belts was cut and embossed by the BILLYBELT brand to be more modern.

The shape: Silver or black pin, the buckles have two functionality. The first one is excellent support. The last one is to add a stylish touch to enhance your outfit.


100% crust leather belt

We obtain the crust of the leather from splitting the leather. Compared to the full-grain, the crust is the fleshy side of the hide. Therefore, the kind of leather has a raw aspect and excellent durability. We appreciate this advantage because this belt will be more resistant to rubbing in everyday life.

100% pin buckles

Zinc alloy is named "Zamak", too. The material fabrication process is very efficient, and various shapes of objects can be fabric: Large, thin, or smooth. We can easily express our creativity. Of course, we appreciate the other property, such as its resistance. So, you don't have to take care too much of it!


To take care of your belt by nourishing the leather, you need to use cotton or sweet fabric and apply glycerin, bee wax, or cleansing milk. 

Avoid applying chemicals such as nail polish remover 

Avoid exposing your belt to intense heat or sunlight 

Avoid immersing it in soapy water 

Avoid rubbing it with a sponge or abrasive cloth

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