This is the third t-shirt collection for us, and we are proud. It means so much! Shirt creation is youngest than the woven belt, but many men like them. These fabulous customers allow us to create a new organic cotton range for spring-summer 2022. 


Our team focused on colour selection, raw quality, fits, and timeless style year after year. Our goal was to optimize six basic t-shirts. 


Here, all team members who have been participated in this project : 

  • Quentin, Founder
  • Christophe, Design Manager 
  • Arthur, Designer
  • Pauline, Product Manager
  • Team Marketing (shooting and videos)


A basical t-shirt promise is to be pleasant for you every day. Universal fit, quality confection and perfect fabric density reinforce this feeling. All the finishes give you comfort and natural style. 


Wear them whenever you want and with the clothes you prefer. This collection of essential and authentic t-shirts makes it easy to put together an everyday outfit that makes you feel like yourself. A beautiful navy blue, a lovely khaki for the season, beiges like no other and familiar patterns that are updated every year are, in our opinion, all the essential t-shirts for a man. 

The Authentique range fits in with our plans and ambitions. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, it allows us to continue our efforts to produce and improve your clothes, to participate more consciously to preserve our planet