Which pairs of socks with which shoes?

Published : 2019-02-20 16:37:45
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Which pairs of socks with which shoes?

With the arrival of spring, are you in the mood to wear your new moccasins or freshly bought city shoes? Before putting on your shoes, there is the problem of finding the right pair of socks for your shoes. If there's no doubt about your good taste in socks, do you know what type of socks goes with your outfit and shoes of the day? Follow the guide to never hesitate on the pair of socks you need.

Mid calf socks: ideal in trousers

In general, if you wear pants, go for mid-calf socks or even knee socks. For a man it is the most elegant way to wear socks so as not to show his calves when sitting and the pants go up.

Mid-calf socks are suitable for all types of street shoes. If you wear dress shoes like brogue or derby, lisle socks are recommended for their finesse and silky appearance.

For a more sporty urban style, high socks can be worn with hi-top sneakers, converses or Stan smith.

Ankle socks: friends with shorts

When the thermometer goes up, the high socks become too uncomfortable and hot? Ankle socks are low socks stopping at the ankles. They are perfect during the beautiful days when you put on shorts.

Indeed, socks rising are often considered a foul taste when they are associated with shorts. Similarly ankle socks are often avoided with pants. We show either skin or socks!

Finally, sports socks are only reserved for the practice of the sport. If you are not in sportswear, prefer plain or fancy low socks that can even match the color of your outfit.

The case of invisible socks

Often criticized for their lack of aesthetics, the invisible socks are more and more popular with men looking for barefoot appearance combined with the protection in shoes that traditional socks offer.

However, invisible socks have many disadvantages. Cut to be as small as possible, they have little grip on the foot and invariably settle at the bottom of the shoe during the day. Their thin fabric wears out prematurely and absorbs perspiration insufficiently.

Most of the time, it is better to assume low socks which exceed a little of the shoes but which offer a much higher comfort.

And without socks?

When it's really hot, you're quickly tempted not to wear socks at all.

If you wear sandals and flip-flops, the question does not arise, barefoot is almost mandatory.

For purists, boat shoes and moccasins are also worn without socks in the summer.

But if the sandals do not go to the office, do not leave your socks too quickly in the closet. Indeed by putting your shoes barefoot, you risk developing fungal infections by letting your feet macerate in a hot and humid environment all day long as your feet sweat in the shoes. Low socks are then an alternative to avoid friction in shoes and to leave your feet cool and dry.