Neck tie guide: The basics for wearing a tie

Published : 2019-05-07 14:38:24

Neck tie guide: The basics for wearing a tie

The tie is a classic in the men's wardrobe. The tie can be daunting for beginners looking for their style. However with good advice and modern fabrics, you can wear the tie and update your style. With this tie guide, discover how to wear the tie with simplicity and elegance. Matching your tie will have no more secrets for you!


The tie, a matter of materials and colors

The tie is an accessory that needs to be adapted to the context. It is also a strong piece that allows you to express your personality. Depending on your mood of the day and the event, you can wear a rather classic tie or more original.

To choose the tie that will perfectly complement your outfit, you can play on the material, color or shape of the tie knot.

The fabrics

In terms of materials, synthetic fabrics are to be avoided altogether because synthetic fabrics age badly and may have a quite shiny appearance that is not very elegant. A tie with a beautiful material can be in silk, wool or cotton.

Wool is an interesting material that stands out from traditional silk ties. Contrary to popular belief, the woolen tie is not hot, because it is a natural material with good thermoregulatory properties. The cotton knit brings a modern-retro side especially in preppy styles for example.

The colour

All the interest of the color of a tie is to contrast with the shirt. This touch of color that contrasts with the rest allows you to create a point of visual interest and therefore a look that is out of the ordinary.

For reasons, it is easier to handle the geometric patterns very simple and preferably small. Rather than a plain tie, try a faux-uni or a textured material that will be much more pretty to the eye.

Tie your neck tie with simplicity and elegance

A beautiful tie is also a beautiful knot. However no need to learn ten whimsical knots, the simple knot or regatta knot is a beautiful functional knot that suits most men.

The collar of the shirt must also be adapted to the size of the knot of the tie, the Italian or classic necks are very suitable in contrast to the cutaway necks with wide opening which are reserved for wearing a bow tie. To tie the tie you must first close all the buttons and pull up the collar, then tie the knot and tighten it high enough so that the last button of the shirt is no longer visible.

At the level of the length, it is necessary to adjust the tie so that the point of the belt arrives just above the belt and never below. The little part of the tie should not be visible, so you have to slip it in the pass so that it does not appear when the tie moves.

After a day of wearing a tie, always think about undoing the knot of the tie so that the material of the tie will return to its original shape. By dint of doing the simple knot, it will have no more secret for you!

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