How to wear the bow tie in 5 tips

Published : 2018-12-20 09:51:39

How to wear the bow tie in 5 tips

You appreciate the elegance and originality of the bowtie but you do not know how to wear this accessory? You admire men who wear a bow tie but you are stuck before adopting it in your outfits?

BILLYBELT presents you the 5 points to pay attention in order to master the bow tie. This elegant accessory is much more original than the tie and allows you to highlight your favorite outfits.

1 ° Find the right size of a bow tie

A bowtie reveals its full potential when it is well proportioned to the face. The width of the knot should correspond to the width of the jaw at the level of the maxillary, without covering the entire neck. If the bow tie is too narrow, or too wide compared to your face, the rendering will not be successful.

In addition, the volume of the bowtie must fit your frame. If you have a strong build, choose a thick knot. If you are rather thin, prefer a slim bowtie.

This tip allows you to wear the bow tie while keeping a harmony with your silhouette and your facial features.

At the bow tie itself, it is not necessarily necessary to obtain perfect symmetry between the two wings of the node. On the contrary, a little bit of imperfection can bring a little character and play down the bow tie.

2 ° Choose the material of the bow tie

The second essential point for the final rendering of the bowtie is to choose a suitable material. The bow ties exist in all possible materials: cotton, silk, wool ...

The wool bow tie brings a virile and original touch compared to a more traditional version in cotton or silk. The wool jacquard brings an interesting roughness and associates well with a suit in wool cloth. .

Do you want a unique and friendly look? The knit bowtie is an ideal alternative to wear in a more casual situation. The cotton knit brings a nice volume to the bow tie.

3 ° Match the color of the bow tie

As an accessory, the bow tie should be the icing on the cake of your outfit. You can take the bow tie as the center piece of your look and choose it in a contrasting color, or on the contrary, think of it as a complement to your outfit and favor a darker and classic color.

For beginners, the navy bow tie is the easiest to wear. With a white shirt or a blue suit, it will be perfect.

If you are not afraid of bolder colors, try a burgundy red bowtie, which brings dynamism to your style.

Like all accessories, the choice of color is very wide. One law : make yourself happy, as long as the whole is coherent.

4° Quelle chemise avec un noeud papillon ?

Le noeud papillon se porte toujours avec une chemise. Cependant toutes les chemises ne conviennent pas. Le noeud papillon est directement en contact avec le col de la chemise, il faut donc veiller à chosir une chemise avec un col dont l’écartement entre les extrémités du col soit proportionné avec les ailes du noeud papillon.

Privilégiez les cols classiques avec un écartement moyen à étroit, de type français, anglais, club ou cassé. D’une façon générale, évitez les col italiens trop grands et trop ouverts. Les cols italiens sont plutôt prévus pour être portés avec une cravate et accomodent bien les noeuds les plus imposants de type Windsor.

5 ° Find the right opportunity

To be well dressed means to wear an outfit adapted to the circumstances. However to wear the bow tie, you do not have to wait for a big occasion. This accessory can be worn casual or dressed.

For an informal evening, the bow tie fits very well with jeans and a casual shirt. It is the perfect accessory to express your personality and sense of detail. Knitted bowties are particularly suitable for assembling with casual pieces.

Bow ties are now a must for weddings. As a guest, witness or groom, the bow tie is both less formal than a tie and more elegant than an open-neck shirt. On this big day, this accessory becomes a direct reflection of your stylistic design.

Finally, the most common party to wear your beautiful bow tie is the new year. Distinguish yourself on New Year's Eve with a wool bow tie tuned to your costume.

Equipped with the best advice for choosing the size, color, material, shirt and occasion, you can now express the best of your style by wearing a bow tie. In an elegant or preppy register, the bow tie is definitely an essential accessory for any man who wishes to distinguish himself.

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