How to choose your bag for men: the complete guide

Published : 2018-10-02 10:42:40
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How to choose your bag for men: the complete guide

Essential in our daily lives, the bag is an accessory that must be chosen with care. Indeed, a good bag must be resistant and practical. But this first utilitarian aspect shouldn’t make us forget that the bag is also a fashion accessory that comes to complete brilliantly an outfit or on the contrary spoil the whole if it is inappropriate.

The first question to ask yourself before choosing a bag is to think about the intended use. In what kind of situation are we going to use it? There is a type of bag for every occasion.

The computer bag: minimalist and efficient

For men who carry only their computer or some sheets and a pen, the computer bag is the ideal bag.

It is compact and practical thanks to the handles to carry it by hand and the presence of a shoulder strap to carry the bag to the shoulder. The computer bag is also perfect to bring a chic touch to the outfit while remaining casual, choosing a cotton canvas model.

In terms of colors, do not hesitate to dare colors that come out of black or gray to avoid the bank officer style. The brown leather handles will make a color reminder with most outfits of your wardrobe while the contrasting color touch can energize the style. Wearing a colored bag can even be the highlight of your look.

For those who travel frequently, the practical detail is the traveler's pocket sewn on the back of the computer bag. This yoke makes it possible to slide the bag on the telescopic handle of the bag and to hold it thus without it slipping.

Sacoche d'ordinateur olive BILLYBELT

The backpack, the return of vintage

The backpack is the first bag we think for a day bag. Its major advantage is to distribute the weight on both shoulders, in addition to leaving your hands free. However, once college and high school are far behind, it is sometimes difficult to wear the backpack without looking like an eternal teenager.

The trick is to look to a vintage style model to break the eastpack style and express its taste for beautiful things. The vintage models are characterized by the closure with a flap and leather buckles instead of a zipper along the entire length. Inspired by bicycle runners, the roll-top is a vintage model that fits perfectly into casual or workwear looks.

To choose the right backpack, it is important to ensure padding on the back and shoulder straps. The relatively small models of backpack allow to stay stylish and urban, unlike hiking bags. The bag can be leather or with leather inserts, but the cotton canvas is lighter than an all-leather bag, which is significant over time. The choice of a sufficient weight of cotton canvas ensures its durability, while the water repellent treatment keeps your business dry in case of light rain.

Sac à dos Urban baroudeur Bordeaux

The 48H bag, always there for a weekend by the sea

When the volume of things to carry becomes a little larger, the 48H bag or weekend bag is the perfect bag to take your business for 2 to 3 days. It also allows you to take your sports business without distorting a dressier outfit. The weekender is carried by hand with its 100% leather handles, or on the shoulder thanks to its shoulder strap.

When it is colored, the bag is an accessory that compliments the coat and shoes. The leather straps can recall brown shoes or on the contrary cut with, to bring out beautiful shoes. Do not hesitate to indulge yourself on the color, in case the bag model remains elegant.

The finishes are very important on this bag, companion of the big weekends, to guarantee a maximum lifetime. Cross seams at the base of the straps increase the resistance, as do the metal rivets. The small feet under the bag prevent the bottom from being in direct contact with the ground. The leather buttresses allow the bag to keep its shape.

Weekender ardoise sac 48h

The 72H bag, the large format

As spacy as a suitcase but more elegant, the 72H bag is the travel bag that accompanies you in all situations. The advantages of a travel bag in cotton canvas are numerous: it is light, robust and it is found in a wide variety of colors.

The criteria that come into account when selecting a travel bag are the comfort finishes and robustness. Handles with a leather coating are pleasant to the touch of the palm of the hand and skate nicely over time. The zipper must be thick enough and well made to hold the load.

The 72H bag chosen in neutral tones makes it a versatile bag, which blends into the outfit and helps differentiate your travel bag without necessarily drawing attention to it.

Sac de voyage 72h cuir et coton homme

In the wide selection of models on the market, it is now easy to choose a bag for men by following this guide. Remember to understand your uses to find the bag that has the features you need. Far from being innocuous, the choice of a bag strongly influences the silhouette and balance of the look. You can, according to your style, mark your originality by small touches of color or on the contrary by the choice of a strong piece.

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